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Down Syndrom
It is probably too soon in our society for us to start taking children with a handicap for granted. After all, it is only a few years since parents were encouraged to place their children into institutions. And so the grandparents are likely to be very anxious. Your acquaintances might be afraid to meet you and might not know how to react to the new reality. The reaction of people around you is very hard to predict. What is important is your own attitude to and love for your child.

It usually comes as a relief to the acquaintances of a family with a new-born baby with DS when the parents talk openly and naturally about their child. The vast majority of people will listen with interest to your information about Down Syndrome, and be being freed from uncertainty they have the possibility to behave naturally too, particularly if you take you child everywhere that you would take any other child.

Have patience with people around you. Grandparents and aunts will first have to learn how to help you care for your child. So give them the opportunity to take part in your family’s everyday life. All assistance is useful when caring for a handicapped child.