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OVEČKA, o.p.s.
Down Syndrom
Ovečka, o.p.s. is a public-benefit association founded in 2003 in České Budějovice
by the congregation of the Apostolic Church in the city. It is an association of families raising children with Down Syndrome (DS) ­- mostly from the South Bohemian region because of accessibility. Ovečka, o.p.s. is a legal entity registered as a public-benefit organisation with the Regional Court in České Budějovice under heading O, No. 88, effective as of 22.12.2003. It is registered with the tax office in České Budějovice, Ref: 757 70/04/077 900/2591 effective as of 16.3. 2004.

IČO: 260 69 181, DIČ: CZ 260 69 181, Bankers: KB Č. Budějovice, ČÚ: 51 – 895 228 0237/0100, Address: Plachého 272 / 25, 370 01, České Budějovice, tel.: 387 436 466, 739 600 197, e-mail: dsovecka@tiscali.cz web: www.ovecka.eu

The statutory body of Ovečka, o.p.s. is : director: J. Jarošová

the Board of Management -P. Bouchalová, R. Košťálová, E. Jeřábková, and Board of Trustees comprising : Ing. L. Valeriánová ·R. Košťálová -. Marušincová

The Board of Management represents Ovečka, o.p.s. in all matters. The Board of Management is entitled to administer the activity of the Ovečka Association in accordance with Law No. 248/1995 Coll. Mission of the Ovečka Association: the association was established to assist families raising children with DS. The Ovečka association endeavours to integrate people with DS among people without handicap.

The following are the main forms of assistance to families with DS children:

·● Organising joint meetings of the families with a view to mutual human support and assistance. ● Seeking and propagating the latest information about Down Syndrome in the fields of medicine, pedagogy and child rearing. ● Co-operating with Czech and foreign specialists. · Involving all parents in joint activity according to their possibilities and interest. ● Distributing materials that adopt a fresh approach to DS children and contribute to improved attitudes towards DS children and their development. ● Educating the rest of society and publicising the issue of Down Syndrome ● Providing necessary methodological tools adapted for the needs of the child at a given stage, in sufficient numbers, of good quality and at appropriate intervals ● The Ovečka Association endeavours to train new counsellors for parents of DS children from among the parents themselves, and also to recruit and train new workers from among people who do not have handicapped children. ● Prospective members of the Association submit an application in writing.

Ovečka’s sources of finance Funding for the activities of the Ovečka Association comes chiefly from sponsorship gifts or grants. None of the profits from its activities may be used for the benefit of the founder, the members of the Board of Management, the members of the Board of Trustees, or their employees, but solely for the provision of services of general benefit that are in accordance with the assistance to parents of DS children as outlined above. Eventual termination of the Ovečka Association is governed by Article 11 of the association’s Constitution
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