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Překlad: Renata Vail












Blue story

 Blue clouds were floating in the blue sky. The clouds were huge but even small, light and also heavy, full of the rain water.

Down the path there was a little girl with pigtails walking. Her name was Leonka. She was trying to keep out off raindrops under a blue umbrella. She was stepping into puddles now and then. She didn’t worry about being wet all over. Well, she is wearing new blue wellingtons which were bought by her grandmother. Leonka has always loved water very much. 

She reached a blue little stream which was welcoming her with a merry gurgling. And there was also her friend Petrik. He was hidden under a blue macintosh, his blue eyes were shining happily and he was smiling from ear to ear. He was triumphantly holding a wooden mill in his hands; the one was made by his skilful grandfather.  Children put the mill into the water and it immediately started to clatter happily. It was spraying water in all directions. It has sprinkled blue forget-me-nots which were cheerfully blooming on the streamlet bank. The rain stopped. A blue butterfly sat curiously down on the little blue flower and it was drying its little wet wings.    A flock of children came running. The children were cheerfully clapping their hands and they were singing a song together with a little wooden mill. Suddenly –plop! Leonka plopped into the streamlet like a frog. She was trying to reach the mill with her hand for so long until she fell into the water. Petrik gave her his hand right away and he pulled out a little wet water sprinkle. Fortunately the sun has turned out from the rain clouds and it was curiously watching this wet merry making.

The children put themselves into the grass and they were watching the clouds in the blue sky. The sun was warmly shining and the little wooden mill was chattering and singing a blue water song for them.




Red story

The sun was comfortably sleeping on the fluffy cloud- pillow. When it was suddenly woken with palpitating light. The sun rubbed its little eyes and had a glimpse down. A bird with a red hat was sitting on the tall spruce in the wood and it was quickly tapping out a wooden song with its long beak. It woke up all the nature with its tapping. Also children woke up in the gamekeeper’s house in the woods. Kubík with red cheeks and Zuzanka who was wearing red little dress looking like Little Red Riding Hood.

Children took their jugs and went off to the close glade. Everything was red from the forest strawberries there in the soft grass. Children started to pick up them. One into the jug and two into the mouth. They had mouths red from ear to ear in a moment. Also a little deer that was pattering in the high grass had to laugh. When all the jugs were full children went back home.

A strong smell of fruit cakes was welcoming them. Mum made them from sweet red raspberries and she set red tablecloths in the small garden under the wide-branched apple tree. The little apples were reddening above their heads and the world smelt like red roses scent. The children cuddled with mum and dad. Dad was holding mum’s hand and telling the wood fairy tales to everybody. The stories about a little bird with a little red hut, about a squirrel in a red jacket, about a hedgehog that carries red apples away from the garden underhand. 

And forest smelt and smelt well. It smelt like resin and needles. It smelt like peace and love.










Violet story 

The morning started to wake up in the light violet fog. The sun was still sleeping and children didn’t want to get up yet.

Honzík in his violet pyjamas was comfortably sleeping in a little bed. He doesn’t have to get up today. It is Sunday. But he suddenly sat up and rubbed his eyes. Yesterday Daddy had promised him to go for a trip to the zoo. He quickly jumped out of the bed and began to prepare for the trip. Daddy and Mum had woken up already and also his little sister Johanka was smiling at the world happily. And how dolled up she was that day. A big violet ribbon was purply taking pride in her hair and the little violet cow called Milka was sitting on her back. It was Johanka´s bag and in this bag Johanka had a lot of useless stuff, but she wouldn’t take a step without that.

 All of them got into the car and they were in the zoo in the minute. Honzík couldn’t stop marvelling. A violet lilac scent welcomed him right next to the entrance. And so many little animals! Little monkeys were chasing each other and screaming happily. An elephant with a little violet hat on its head was walking wisely, sometimes took water into its trunk and sprayed it into all directions as little boys do. A turtle was peering at a scene in a lazy way and she was not disturbed with a roaring of a lion which was running in the cage discontently and giving the screeps with its roar and sharp teeth.Suddenly Honzík was petrified. All of a sudden a cheerful ringing violet merry -go -round grew out of the ground just in front of him. It was purply inviting children in the sun brightness and the children were pouring hand over fist on its seats. What a violet ride it was! The world was spinning colourfully and Honzík and Johanka were laughing happily. 

The children even didn’t want to go home. They felt so comfortable among the animals. Honzík had a violet dream at night. He was sitting on a violet merry- go- round, the small violet elephant’s hat was on his head and a little monkey with Johanka´s violet ribbon was cheerfully waving and having big sweet violet tooth.  

Yellow story 

The yellow sun has lit up all the countryside. The lovely girl with the big yellow ribbon started to run through the scented grass. Yellow glittering dew beads were shining everywhere and yellow dandelions smelt well. The girl called Vlasticka found a yellow swing. She started to swing a race together with the wind. 

And suddenly, what could she see? A big goose is walking importantly in the grass and yellow goslings are toddling after. Vlasticka wanted to caress one little gosling but she was not successful. The goose craned forward its long neck and started to hiss threateningly. Vlasticka was frightened and she started to cry. And suddenly, bang! A big yellow ball hit the angry goose’s beak. A saviour was running after the ball. It was the boy with a scratched chin and a yellow T-shirt. Jirka was his name. He sent the goose away and he comforted Vlasticka. He offered her a big yellow candy and he swung her on the swing. 

Vlasticka sat down on the grass and she made yellow dandelion-chains for herself and for Jirka. When they both put the chains on their heads they felt like a prince and a princess. A big bush was their castle. Little birds were singing above their heads and the entire world smelt very very well. 

The children felt like they were in some fairy tale.  Then they put their hands together and they walked together in the yellow brightened world with their mouths smiling from ear to ear. The yellow sun was warmly shining on their way and it was nodding its head wisely. The whole world was brightly yellow, cheerful and happy. It smelt like love, tenderness and kindness.  

Green story 

The sun has woken up in the cheerful day.   Looking around from its heavenly bed the sun smelt the scent of the spring so intensively that its head started to twist. Also a lovely little girl called Maruska could smell the spring scent; she couldn’t fill sleep that day and so she set off on the short morning walk. Soft green grass went through her little curious nose. The grass was covered all over with dew beads and little green dandelion buds were hidden inside the grass. 

Maruska sat down into the wet grass and plunged deeply in bird’s singing. What can she hear? Some unusual little bird is sounding in the green grove! It is whistling a cheerful merry song. Maruska ran on the green carpet of the spring grass and came close to the little grove. The little bird is singing in a different way now. „Cuckoo-cuckoo. “ It must be a cuckoo. And it sounds somewhere underground. Maybe it is hurt. The girl has to help the cuckoo. Suddenly there is a cheerful laughing. Josífek is huddled behind smelly green bushes and he is laughing happily holding a whistle in his hands. Maruska started to laugh, too. Then she runs and hides behind a small green spruce. „Chirrup-chirrup“,–all the grove sounds with that. Now Josífek is looking for Maruska. He could find her soon and he is immediately running to hide behind a big brown stub which is covered with green moss. „Five coins-five coins“ Maruska can hear another little bird. Josífek is huddling behind the stub and suddenly-bang! A cone has hit his head. A lively squirrel starts to play the game with them. How well the squirrel is hidden! Josífek and Maruska are investigating the green tree-top of the huge oak, but wonder where it can be. Only little fresh green leaves are quietly whispering in the light spring breeze. 

Children are quietly stepping in the green moss coming back home. Josífek is playing a little willow pipe and Maruska is cheerfully singing. She is twisting around and all the green spring world is twisting with her.